Homes Without Boundaries

Ridgestone specializes in offering barrier free and accessible modifications, for people of all ages and physical abilities.  Accessible housing doesn't simply mean a house with a ramp or lift anymore. Today, the concept of universal design extends to all—old, young, tall, short, disabled, non-disabled, so you can remain in and enjoy your home in comfort.

We offer accessibility evaluations, consulting, and complete accessibility management.  By making your home accessible with simple home modifications, you can improve your lifestyle and the ability to live at home.

Whatever your accessibility challenges, our knowledgeable and professional team will work with you to find the solution that is best for you.

Our goal in this process is to promote increased mobility and independence by providing an accessible living environment with a focus on safety and functionality.

Ridgestone will work to enrich the life of each customer by providing unique solutions and exceptional service.